Utah Deputy Finds and Rescues Missing Family Cat in Car Engine During Traffic Stop

“It was a miracle that he’s not hurt thinking of where he was,” Jennifer Hayes tells Inside Edition.

A routine traffic stop took an odd turn when a Utah deputy heard a cat coming from the driver’s car engine.

“You start hearing a weird noise and it sounded like a meowing or purring or something of the sort, which it’s obviously odd. That’s not normal on a traffic stop,” Washington County Deputy Allen tells Inside Edition.

Driver Jennifer Hayes’ cat had been missing for two days. 

“It was a miracle that he’s not hurt thinking of where he was. From the time that he was missing, I think it was about 240 miles,” Hayes says.

Deputy Allen notified police headquarters he would be assisting the driver with getting a cat out of their engine. It took four minutes to free the cat, Gus.

“I was honestly really worried and pulling him out that I was going to hurt him in some sort of way,” Allen says.

Gus was not injured and Hayes ended up not getting a ticket.

“He’s completely healthy and fine. Deputy Allen was very gentle with him,” Hayes says.

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