Video of Flight Passenger Stepping Over Man to Exit Plane Sparks Travel Etiquette Debate

A video of a man stepping over a seated passenger to exit a plane sparked a debate on social media.

A flight passenger stepping over a seated man to stand in line and wait for the plane to deboard is sparking debate over plane etiquette.

When a Spirit Airlines flight had just taxied to the gate, the man in the middle was ready to get going as soon as the “fasten seatbelt” sign was turned off.

“What are you gonna do? You gonna jump over to the front,” the seated man was recorded on video telling the man, who had stepped over him to wait in line.

Many passengers on the plane were still seated.

Etiquette expert and former flight attendant Elaine Swann spoke with Inside Edition.

“The person in the middle seat has no regard or respect for his fellow passengers. This is obviously a person who is very selfish, self-centered, and not really thinking about how his behavior impacts other people,” Swann says.

Swann says the proper way to deplane is to have the person in the aisle seat stand first, then the individual in the center seat, and then the person sitting closest to the window.

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