Video Released by Judge Shows Alleged Proud Boys During Capitol Riot

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Video this week shows one alleged member of the group using a stolen police shield, according to reports.

Video of alleged members of the far-right Proud Boys participating in the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6 has been released by a federal judge in relation to the court proceedings of Charles Donohoe, a North Carolina man that prosecutors say is president of the local Proud Boys chapter, CBS News reported.

Donohoe and three other alleged members of the group are facing charges of conspiracy, destruction of government property and obstruction of law enforcement during a civil disorder. 

In one of the videos, which was released to some media companies after they filed motions for access, prosecutors say that Proud Boys members can be seen by the Capitol, screaming things like “Let’s take the f****** Capitol.”

Donohoe is also seen in another video facing off against police with a group of rioters, some of in the group can be seen throwing objects and spraying police with chemicals as they retreat, CBS reported. Donohoe can also allegedly be seen carrying a police shield along with another alleged member, Dominic Pezzola, through the crowd.

Prosecutors claim Pezzola used that shield to smash a Capitol window, allowing several rioters to enter the building. Pezzola has pleaded not guilty. Donohoe reportedly didn’t enter the building on the day of the riot but prosecutors said he used encrypted messaging applications and handheld radios to coordinate with other members during the Capitol riot.

Donohoe has pleaded not guilty.

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