Video Shows Florida Woman Pummeling Predator After He Tries to Attack Her at the Gym

Nashali Alma, a 24-year-old competitive bodybuilder, was lifting some weights a little after 9 p.m. when a man tried to attack her.

A Florida man who attempted to attack a woman in the gym learned that he was messing with the wrong woman.

That woman is Nashali Alma, a 24-year-old competitive bodybuilder, who was lifting some weights a little after 9 p.m. when she heard a knock at the door.

"It was just another dude coming in to work out, so I didn't mind and think of anything out of that," Alma tells Inside Edition.

Three minutes later he made his move, coming up and trying to grab Alma by the waist.

"As he was approaching me I pushed him away and said, 'bro, get away from me.' And he kept trying to come towards me and kept reaproaching me," Alma says. "So to the point where I just ran off to ... a gym bench and went to call 911. And  that's where he started trying to grab my phone."

Alma says that she once again instructed him to leave her alone, but he refused and continued to try and attack the young woman.

That is when a struggle ensued, and video shows that Alma quickly had the upper hand. Not that Alma ever had a doubt.

"When it was happening. I actually had no fear. I am a bodybuilder and I'm actually pretty strong," Alma explains. "So in my mind, I knew I was stronger than him and I knew I could fight back."

Sure enough, Alma freed herself a few minutes later, leaving the exhausted predator gasping for air.

"At the end of the video you can see him getting tired," Alma says. "So if I keep going. If I keep pushing. I keep fighting. He's gonna stop. He's gonna let go and he finally did."

Police arrested the alleged assailant the following day.

Xavier Thomas-Jones  is now charged with sexual battery, false imprisonment, burglary, and kidnapping.  He lives in the same complex as Alma.


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