Virginia Police Identify Woman Who Threw Backpack That Appear to be Human Remains in Dumpster 

Image of female who threw backpack with human remains in dumpster.

Police reportedly found identifiers on the backpack that may be connected to a local high school, according to WTVR News.

Virginia police have identified the woman who allegedly dumped a backpack filled with human remains of possibly a baby into a store dumpster, officials said.

“The female in the photo has been identified and located,” Chesterfield County Police Department Public Information Officer, Elizabeth Caroon told Inside Edition Digital. “We are grateful for everyone who reached out to us. This is an investigation that is ongoing and active at this point.” 

On Monday, a store employee called police around 1:50 p.m. after they saw a woman throw a backpack into a large trash bin behind a store that is located in a strip mall at 11000 block of Hull Street Road, according to a news release from Chesterfield County Police Department, 

The woman entered the store without the backpack before leaving the area, officials said, WIRC News reported

The employee saw that the backpack appeared to have bloodstains on it and called the police. When officers responded to the scene they found what appeared to be human remains in the bag, the release said.

Police reportedly found identifiers on the backpack that may be connected to a local high school, according to WTVR News.

Surveillance cameras at the store captured images of the female who left the bag in the dumpster. Investigators are now looking for the woman they believe is in need of medical attention or knows someone who does and asked to call the police at 804-748-1251.

*This is a developing story 

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