Washington DC Popeyes From the Viral Rat TikTok Video Has Permanently Closed

Seventeen violations were noted in the DC Health Department's report on this Popeyes location.

The Washington DC Popeyes location made infamous for rats on TikTok has been permanently closed. 

Initially, the DC Health Department issued a temporary closure for "imminent health hazards," but now people will have to get their Louisiana chicken somewhere else.

Seventeen violations were noted in the Health Department's report on this Popeyes location. Besides rat droppings observed "adjacent to the grease bin," the inspector found raw chicken held at improper temperatures and a walk-in freezer with an "ambient air temperature" of 51.8 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Popeyes corporate office said in a statement:

"We have taken action to terminate the franchise agreement with this restaurant operator. This Franchisee only operates this one location, and it is being closed indefinitely. This single restaurant does not reflect our strong food safety and cleanliness standards across Popeyes."

Ricardo Land, the man behind that viral TikTok, says the video got him fired from his job making deliveries to restaurants. 

But people who are grateful their chicken didn't come with a side of rat droppings have generously donated to his GoFundMe. In less than two days, about 1,300 people donated over $26,000 to support Land's family of five while he looks for a new job. 

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