Wendy Williams Seen Leaving Sober House With Coach

The talk-show host was showered with love from her studio audience on Wednesday.

Wendy Williams was seen leaving her sober house in Queens, New York, Wednesday.

Williams surfacing outside home came just a day after she told viewers she is living in a sober facility as she privately battles with substance abuse.

The talk-show host got into a Mercedes sedan and was driven by her sober living coach to Manhattan.

On Wednesday morning, she was showered with love from her studio audience. Katie Couric was Williams’ first guest and praised the host for being open and honest. 

“I’m so proud of you,” Couric said. “That was a hard thing to do. I felt for you, and I think your candor and honesty is going to help so many people.”

“Well what else do we use our platform for?” Williams asked, to which Couric nodded in agreement. 

Even though she seems to still be having fun on the show, the reality of her life is very different.

With the talk-show host’s revelation bringing new attention to sober houses, Inside Edition visited one in Brooklyn, New York, called Williamsburg House

The Williamsburg House has 19 bedroom rooms, an open-concept kitchen with chefs preparing meals and a big living room. 

Benjamin Fleischer of the WIlliamsburg House told Inside Edition that Williams is "absolutely" getting drug-tested regularly. 

"Here we test every two to three days and it is a monitored drug test, that is the most important thing," he said of his house's practices. "Then we breathalyze clients daily."