What Happens at Some Massage Parlors? Inside Edition Goes Undercover

In the wake of the allegations against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Inside Edition went undercover to visit massage parlors in New York City and see what happens.

What happens inside some massage parlors like the one New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft allegedly visited twice in 24 hours?

Kraft, 77, is accused of paying for sexual services at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida. Investigators said that surveillance footage captured Kraft engaging in at least two encounters. Kraft vehemently denies the charges.

Inside Edition went undercover to visit massage parlors in New York City. At one spa near Times Square, an Inside Edition producer was greeted by a masseuse, who led him to a bare pink room with just a mirror and a robe hanging on the wall. He then asked for a half-hour massage. The cost? $60.

The producer kept his boxer shorts on the entire time. Once he laid face down on the massage table, the attendant laid a sheet over him and began with rubbing his back. 

She asked if he was liking the massage.

"I do, it's relaxing," the producer replied.

She then climbed on top of him and started walking on his back with her bare feet. 

"That's a little too much," the producer said. 

A few minutes later, however, she bent down to him and asked in whisper if he'd like her to perform a sex act for additional money. 

The producer quickly refused. 

"I don't need it…. Only massage…. No happy ending," he answered. 

He paid the attendant and quickly left. 

According to Rebecca Bender, a victim of sex trafficking who now speaks out against the issue through her organization the Rebecca Bender Initiative some massage parlors like the one Kraft allegedly went to can keep their workers prisoner. 

"They’re really like illegal brothels…. Imagine being brought here, having your passport taken, and you could not leave this one location ever," Bender told Inside Edition. 

The Orchids of Asia Day Spa has since been shuttered, accused of participating in an international human trafficking ring. Kraft is just one of many men accused of soliciting the services of the employees there. Kraft is not accused of or charged with human trafficking.