What Is Tom Brady’s Secret to Longevity?

At 43 years old, Tom Brady's eating and exercise routine help him stay healthy.

At the age of 43, Tom Brady is still a machine. So what’s his secret?

His largely plant-based diet helps him stay healthy. Celebrity nutritionist Joy Bauer, who works with athletes, says that every morning Brady drinks a blueberry smoothie consisting of almond milk, hemp milk, hemp seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, whey protein powder, frozen blueberries, frozen banana and a tablespoon of almond butter.

He also likes to eat a kale sweet potato bowl, Bauer said. "It's basically nature's multivitamin in food form."

Brady likes to keep things simple. Lunch is usually a salad with nuts and fish. Dinner is also light, with roasted vegetables and chicken. And Brady drinks anywhere from 14 to 37 glasses of water per day.

His workouts are intense, he told Men’s Health Magazine. "I try to work out four or five times a week," he said. They also include a lot of band work.

With his sixth Super Bowl win, the star quarterback seems to have found the fountain of youth.