Meet the Man Who Shone a Laser at Tom Brady During Championship Game

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The man who shone a green laser in New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's eyes insists he wasn't trying to hurt him.

Dwyan Morgan, 64, showed Inside Edition how he hit Brady with the beam during the NFL AFC Championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Jan. 20. 

He didn't intend to hurt him. "Maybe distract him," Morgan said. 

The laser, which wasn't seen on the CBS broadcast of the game, was captured by a local news cameraman on the sidelines in Kansas City. 

Brady was hit at least three times during the fourth quarter of the game but appeared not to notice or care.

Morgan was later arrested and charged with a single count of disturbing the peace. 

Lasers are forbidden at many sporting events because the light can cause damage to the eye if one looks directly into a beam, according to The Associated Press

Morgan was surprised to face the misdemeanor. 

"I didn't think it would go this far," he said. "I shouldn't have done it."

He faces up to a year in jail or up to a $1,000 fine if found guilty. 

One person he isn't saying sorry to? The man himself.

"I'm not gonna apologize to Brady or the Patriots," Morgan said. 

Morgan is due in court on July 17. 


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