Where Is Gia Fuda? Police Ask Public for Dash Cam Footage to Aid in Search of Missing 18-Year-Old Girl

Gia Fuda, 18, has been missing since Friday when she left her Maple Valley home in her silver 2008 Toyota Corolla.

Gia Fuda, 18, disappeared from Washington State's Maple Valley early Friday.

Police in Washington State are asking the public to help locate an 18-year-old who disappeared last week by handing over any dash cam footage they have. Gia Fuda, 18, disappeared from Maple Valley early Friday after she left her home in her 2008 Toyota Corolla.

The car was found abandoned near Stevens Pass with an empty gas tank Saturday. Fuda's purse and wallet were inside the vehicle.

"Overnight bags she had packed for a visit with a friend were also in the vehicle," police said. 

King County Sheriff Deputies have made a plea for drivers who were driving in the area Friday or Saturday to check any footage they might have.

Police said they are specifically looking for any footage with a Corolla on the side of the road with a woman in it, and to see whether she was with someone else or alone. They are also looking for any other vehicles that might have pulled over to the side of the road alongside Fuda's.

Fuda’s cell phone has not been found and investigators have learned it was powered off where the car was located, police said. The vehicle was left "approximately 10 miles from the closest gas station," cops said.

"It’s a nightmare," Gia's mother, Kristina Fuda, told KATU. "It’s really hard to deal with. You want to be positive but it's so hard.”

Anyone who has footage has been asked to contact the King County Sheriff's non-emergency number at (206) 296-3311.

“We need everyone to just help us find her, because this is not her behavior,” Kristina Fuda said.