Why This Wildlife Cinematographer Now Uses Infrared Technology to Rescue Animals

Cass the KoalaCass the Koala
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Doug Thron, a cinematographer for Discovery Channel, Natgeo, and others, have found a love of animal activism.

A wildlife cinematographer turned animal activist has shared his love of filming animal rescues. 

Douglas Thron had childhood dreams of filming wildlife, and was able to fulfill that lifelong goal through his work with National Geographic, Discovery Channel and more. 

Thron works with aerial cinematography, which utilizes drones to shots from varied angles not possible on foot. He said his film work during the 2018 Paradise Fire in California led him to lean into the activism portion of his work, according to Yahoo News.

Thron and an animal rescuer discussed how it would be a great idea to combine the concept of drone cinematography with an infrared handheld camera, joining both of their mediums.

“You definitely get inspired to drop everything to help as much as possible. The feeling I get when I rescue an animal is most definitely an incredible feeling, so it just keeps me going.” Thron told Yahoo News.

The animal lover was able to test out his infrared drone after a Category 5 hurricane in the Bahamas when he found a dog beneath debris. “I flew the drone over and I found him. I was able to rescue him. And nobody claimed him after 30 days so I adopted him, and he’s a super wonderful dog.” he told the outlet. 

He has continued to utilize his drone and infrared technology to aid in animal rescue, including after hurricanes and fires, including koalas during the 2020 Australian fire.

Thron told Yahoo News that the “look on an animal’s face” keeps him going. 

“They need our help,” he said.

Some of Thron’s rescues can be seen on his show, Doug to the Rescue.

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