Wife of 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost Reveals Why They Are Splitting Up: 'He Was Using Me'

The ghost of Captain Jack Sparrow is insisting they stay married, Amanda Sparrow Large said.

Be careful when dabbling with spirits and the occult.

That’s what Amanda Sparrow Large of Northern Ireland is warning others as she prepares to leave her husband of nearly three years – the ghost of an 18th-century Haitian pirate, John Robert Teague. Many know of the notorious marauder as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Large received international news coverage after she revealed she'd married the ghost on the high seas in July 2016. But now she says she regrets the decision to marry him.

“I wish I never got married to him. I wish I was that healthy person that I was before I met him,” Large, who no longer goes by her married name, told InsideEdition.com in her first interview since the split. “Jack has turned what was a beautiful and loving relationship to something that is ugly.”

While she explained their marriage was just like any other, filled with love and happy memories, she said she suspected Jack had malevolent intentions. Large said spirits take energy from living beings in order to be active in the physical world, but taking too much energy from someone can cause them to become ill or fatigued.

“Obviously I was in love with Jack ... Unfortunately Jack was taking far too much energy and literally draining me and pretty much just using me for his own selfish intentions,” she said. “He was a pirate, what he did was steal when he was alive. Now he’s stealing or draining energy, it kind of makes sense when you think about it. I can’t believe it took me this long to figure it out.”

She believes her misfortune and poor health started after their wedding day in 2016. Large said she'd been in and out of the hospital several times in the last year, including surgeries, trips to the emergency room and one near-death experience.

“Before the marriage, I worked, I was healthy, I worked out, I was very healthy for my age. About two weeks after the wedding, health problems began to plague me," she said. "Things happen in life and bad luck happens, but looking at what’s happened in my life and the effect he had on my life, I have to look at that as evidence that he is quite destructive."

After one major visit to the hospital over the summer, she started carrying out research and began consulting other mediums to discuss whether the downturn in her health could be due to Jack’s presence.

Even though she kept her suspicions to herself, Large said there were signs that her husband knew about her search for more information.

“He did everything he possibly could to prevent me from finding things out, like when I was talking to somebody, the call would drop. I would have a particularly bad day if I were to meet up with somebody he didn’t want me to meet up with,” she said.

Their relationship took a downturn earlier this month, when she confronted him and asked for some time apart so she could work on her health.

“He got really really nasty and showed me his true side,” she said. “He got quite aggressive over it and was not respecting my free will […] and he just wasn’t taking no for an answer.”

Large is now working to dissolve the marriage. She said she is prepared to attempt all venues of cutting off contact with Jack, even if it means getting an exorcism.

“It’s like a case of a possession or a haunting, where a spirit doesn’t want to move on so steps have to be taken to make sure the spirit moves on,” Large said.

For now, she said she's using different protections to try to keep herself safe from his advances, and is trusting her own spirit guides to take the reign.

“God isn’t going to protect me from my own stupidity, but love and light is more powerful than darkness and evil, so I do trust that god will protect me from any serious damage now that I have stepped back,” she said. “I do love him, but I love me more.”