Woman Claims She Contracted Flesh-Eating Bacteria at Nail Salon

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A Tennessee woman claims she contracted a flesh-eating bacteria from a trip to the nail salon.

While getting a manicure, Jayne Sharp said she was poked in the thumb and later that day she began having pain. 

“My thumb started throbbing,” Sharp told WTVF

Sharp told the station she began to experience flu-like symptoms and her thumb and then arm began swelling, leading her to go to the doctor's office, where they marked the line of swelling with a marker.

The next morning, the swelling had advanced far beyond the marker, all the way to her elbow, and she was sent to the emergency room, where she was diagnosed with flesh-eating bacteria and rushed into surgery.

"The doctors told us had I waited another hour it might not be a good situation," said Sharp.

Months and several more surgeries later, Sharp’s thumb still doesn’t look the same and it remains numb, she said.

She staying positive, though. She said she’s “lucky to be alive.”

Now, Sharp is suing the nail salon where she believes she picked up the bacteria.


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