Woman Falls Headfirst Into Camping Toilet Trying to Retrieve Cellphone: Fire Department

Toilet Rescue
Firefighters who came to the toilet rescue of woman who dropped her cellphone.Brinnon Fire Department/Facebook

The woman fell headfirst into a park outhouse trying to get cellphone she dropped into it.

It was a dirty, smelly, gross job. But the owner of a cellphone in a Washington park felt she had to do it.

A woman using a vault toilet, which is really a sophisticated outhouse, went headfirst into a vat of excrement trying retrieve her cellphone, which she had dropped into the muck.

"She then attempted to dismantle the toilet and retrieve it. After disassembling the seat and housing, she used her dog's leash to try fishing it out," the Brinnon Fire Department wrote on its Facebook page.

Then the truly disgusting happened.

"She slid into, and fell into, the vault headfirst," the department said. "After 15-20 minutes of attempting to get out, she used her phone to call 911."

On the scene, firefighters built a makeshift platform for her stand on, and then they pulled her to safety.

The rescuers hosed her down and gave her a hazmat jumpsuit.

She declined medical attention.

The woman "was strongly encouraged to seek medical attention after being exposed to human waste, but she only wanted to leave," the social media post said.

"She thanked the responders and continued her journey back to California," the department said.

"The patient was extremely fortunate not to be overcome by toxic gases or sustain injury."

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