Woman Found Dead Months After Being Arrested for Indecent Exposure, Coroner’s Office Rules Suicide

Christina Revels-Glick was said to have gone on a downward spiral following a report about her incident on the beach and ended her life.

A woman who was arrested for inappropriate behavior on a beach was found dead nine months later in what the coroner’s report says was death by suicide.

Police bodycam video showed officers approaching 35-year-old realtor Christina Revels-Glick. Police said witnesses saw her using an adult toy on the beach.

Revels-Glick told police she thought she was by herself. 

Police led her through a restaurant near Savannah, Georgia, and then to a patrol car.

The incident was reported on the Smoking Gun website under the headline “Woman Busted For Pleasure Session On Beach.” Revels-Glick was said to have gone on a downward spiral following the report and ended her life.

According to the coroner’s report, the cause of death was a “gunshot wound to the head.” The manner of death was certified as a suicide.

Neighbor Gareth White let local police into the 35-year-old’s apartment.

“It could a have been handled a lot differently,” White tells Inside Edition. “Look what it led to, somebody taking their life.”

Inside Edition reached out to Revels-Glick’s family for comment but they did not respond.

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