Woman Gifts Dad Prized Dan Marino Trading Card He Sold 30 Years Ago

“Absolutely couldn’t have asked for anything better,” Ted Lawvery says.

A Tennessee woman gifted her father a special Christmas gift, something he had been missing for over three decades.

Around 30 years ago, Ted Lawvery sold his prized possession for about $50, a trading card of his favorite football player Dan Marino when he played for the Miami Dolphins, when money was tight.

“I felt your sacrifice and it taught me that I would do whatever necessary to ensure my future family never needed for anything,” daughter Lindsay wrote in a letter to her father. “As you got back in the car with extra cash for whatever, bills due, groceries needed, my seven-year-old mind was determined to buy it back.”

Ted opened his gift to find the card.

Daughter Lindsay found the same Dan Marino card for sale on Amazon for $200. Three decades later, Ted has his prized possession back.

“He loved that card because we weren’t allowed to mess with it or touch it or anything like that,” Lindsay tells Inside Edition.

“Absolutely couldn’t have asked for anything better,” Ted says.

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