Woman Has Taken 291 Cruises Over the Last 30 Years

Ilene Weiner even met her new love at sea.

Meet the queen of Princess Cruises!

Ilene Weiner, 81, has taken 291 cruises over the last 30 years, which adds up to 2,500 days at sea.

“People come up to me and say, ‘Oh my goodness, you've spent 7 years on a ship!’” she told Inside Edition.

Weiner, from Highland Beach, Florida, took her first cruise with her late husband in 1989 and continued to travel following his death in 2014. But a recent cruise turned into a real “Love Boat” experience when she met her new partner, Carl Cutting.

“We hit it off almost immediately,” he said.

Weiner, Princess Cruise's "most-traveled guest," always books a first-class suite, and while aboard, she enjoys dinners of steak and lobster. She's friendly with the staff, too, including the captain.

“They make you feel like they know you, like you’re special,” she said.

Now the couple is looking forward to cruise No. 292.