Woman Says Her Alleged Rapist Confessed on Facebook Years After Prosecutors Declined to Pursue Charges

Shannon Keeler told Inside Edition that prosecutors declined to pursue charges against her alleged rapist years ago. But she says the man recently confessed on Facebook in disturbing messages, renewing her quest for justice.

Shannon Keeler was shocked when she saw a message on Facebook from a man who she says attacked her eight years ago when she was a freshman at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania

“So I raped you,” the note read. 

Shannon says the night it happened, an upperclassman was pursuing her at a fraternity party and then followed her to her room. 

“He wouldn’t leave, then he raped me and started crying after and went home,” Shannon told Inside Edition. 

Keeler tried to pursue criminal charges, but she says authorities kept dragging their feet, saying there wasn’t enough evidence.

“I feel the police and the district’s attorney’s office failed me. Two years after it happened is when they told me they weren’t going to move forward with charges and at that point, it was too late for me to file a civil suit. And they destroyed my rape kit,” Keeler said.

Keeler tried to cope with what happened by focusing on lacrosse. She led her team to a national championship in her senior year. Out of nowhere, she says her alleged rapist recently reached out to her on Facebook. 

“When I saw his name, I didn’t even read the messages. I couldn’t. I just gave my phone to my boyfriend, and he read them for me. And he said, ‘Shannon, he confessed,’” Keeler said.

The messages were disturbing and incriminating. 

“A lot of it came rushing back, but at the same time I felt this sense of validation. As soon as I got the messages, I knew I had to pursue it again to the fullest and not give up,” Keeler said.

Inside Edition is not naming the alleged attacker, because he has not been charged. 

Keeler hopes the note can help renew criminal investigation. The district attorney said an active investigation is pending. Gettysburg College said it’s deeply disturbed about Keeler’s continued struggles. The college said it will continue to prioritize sexual assault awareness. 

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