Woman Says Sandals Resort Butler Assaulted Her Night Before Wedding: 'It's a Scar on My Life Forever'

Ashley Pascarella spoke to Inside Edition about how a butler at a Sandals Resort molested her the night before her 2016 wedding.

A destination wedding in the Caribbean turned into a nightmare for one New Jersey couple after the bride-to-be said she was assaulted in her sleep. 

Ashley Pascarella spoke to Inside Edition about how a butler at a Sandals Resort molested her the night before her 2016 wedding to her now-husband, Jeff Pascarella. 

"I was terrified," Ashley recalled. "It's a scar on my life forever."

The night before her wedding in the Bahamas, Ashley said the butler who was assigned to cater to the couple's every need let himself into their suite and did the unthinkable. 

"When I woke up, that's when I realized his hands were in my pants and he yanked them out," Ashley said. 

Jeff, who was taking a shower, raced out when he heard his fiancée’s cries for help. 

"She was screaming for him to get out of there," he told Inside Edition. "It was horrifying."

The butler, Moral Adderley, pleaded guilty to indecent assault. He received no jail time and was told to pay a $1,500 fine. 

Speaking to Inside Edition, Adderley denied assaulting Ashley, saying he only hugged her after she asked him to. 

“It was a friendly hug. It was nothing sexual. So at the end of the day, these are false allegations," Adderley said.

Asked why anyone should believe him after he pleaded guilty to the charge of indecent assault, Adderley said he saw it as his only option to avoid jail time. 

"I’m just trying to clear my name," he insisted

But Ashley said Adderley's words are "disgusting to hear."

"It's a blatant lie, and at the end of the day, I know the truth," Ashley said. 

After the assault, Ashley and Jeff decided to move forward with the ceremony. She's speaking out now, she said, because she alleges Sandals tried to bury the story. 

"They treated it like it was a bad meal at a restaurant and they were gonna comp us our meal," Ashley said. 

She's suing Sandals, which denies any wrongdoing.

However Ashley's lawyer, John Iannuzzi, said his client's situation is not "isolated" and added there are other cases of alleged assault reportedly silenced by the hotel chain. 

"They're used to sweeping this under the rug and getting away with it," Ashley said. 

In a statement, Sandals said the couple's claims are self-serving, one-sided and an incomplete version of what happened and said it plans to vigorously defend itself in court. The company also said it does not discourage guests from reporting or speaking about allegations of criminal conduct. Sandals added that it cares deeply about each and every guest and said that its resorts are among the safest in the Caribbean.