Woman Says She Saw Wag Walker Stealing From Her Home

Wag says all walkers do go through a background check.

One Queens, New York, homeowner spotted a dog walker taking more than just her pet out for a walk and sounded the alarm. Shayna Bryan hired a dog walker on the service Wag and instead of pay attention to the two dogs in the home, the owner says the walker tried to steal from her Long Island City, New York, home.

In video of the incident, the walker headed straight for the bedroom and was later seen carrying a purse that belonged to the homeowner.  

Unaware that her every move was being observed from miles away as Bryan watched from her phone, the dog walker opened the closet and grabbed an expensive winter coat. The homeowner activated an alarm in the home and began screaming at her through the device. 

"I was at dinner as it was happening and I was watching it live and was screaming while I was in the restaurant. I am pretty sure anyone who was in the restaurant was wondering what was going on because I was livid, I was panicking, and I had to leave dinner immediately.

"As soon as she heard the alarm, she looked up, shocked and immediately put the coat back but she continued to take the rest of the stuff. There is a microphone in the video camera so I am like, ‘take my purse out of your bag!’ The audacity of her to still take my purse and my belongings after knowing she was caught on camera, I don’t know, I don’t want to see her," Bryan told Inside Edition. 

Bryan says Wag told her they won't reimburse her for the bag that was stolen unless she gives them a receipt which she says is long gone. She says what makes her most upset about is that Wag didn’t respond to her emails until her post went viral. Wag says all walkers do go through a background check adding the walker has been removed from their platform, and they are working with authorities.