Woman Shot by 7-Month-Old Yellow Labrador Retriever That Jumped on Loaded .22-Caliber Handgun

They were in the car when the puppy became spooked by the sound of a passing train.

An Oklahoma woman became the victim of an unusual shooting, where the perpetrator was the yellow Labrador retriever in the backseat of the car.

Tina Springer, 44, of Nash, was a passenger in the car with Brent Parks, 79, when they were stopped on the road in Enid, waiting for a train to pass.

Parks’ excitable puppy, 7-month-old Molly, became spooked when the train passed and jumped up and down, right on the front seat’s center console where there was a loaded .22-caliber handgun, authorities said.

The gun fired and shot Springer in the left thigh.

“A gun went off,” Parks told the dispatcher, according to the audio from the 911 call. “She didn’t do it herself. It just went off. We had a dog in here and it stepped on the gun.”

Parks and Springer attempted to stop the bleeding as they waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Springer received treatment when she arrived at the hospital and is expected to recover.