'World's Chillest Man' Calmly Sips Beer, Check Phone as Armed Robber Points Gun at Him

Tony Tovar said he had a "good feeling" he would be fine.

It would be a terrifying moment for anyone to see an armed robber carrying an assault rifle enter a bar, but this patron remained calm as could be. 

It happened at Behrmann’s Tavern in St. Louis on Wednesday. As the robbery was in progress, patron Tony Tovar took a sip of beer while everyone around him dove for cover under the bar. Then he looked at his phone, as if he doesn't have a care in the world. He's being called the "world's chillest man." 

The gunman stuck his gun into the Tovar's side and grabbed for his phone, but the unfazed man wasn’t having it. As the gunman stood across from Tovar, he lit a cigarette.  

"I just had a really good feeling he wasn't out to harm anybody,” Tovar said after the incident. 

The suspect has not been identified and authorities say the man made off with money from the register and stole property from some of the patrons. 

Behrmann’s Tavern opened in the 1930s, and according to reports, it is just the second time it has been robbed