Woman Who Hates Her Driver's License Photo Gets a Do-Over, With a Professional Makeup Artist's Help

Like many Americans, Jaclyn Diamond used to cringe when she looked at her driver's license photo.

While many Americans loathe their driver's license photo, some are finding creative ways to change that, hiring their own makeup artists to spice up their DMV portrait.

Jaclyn Diamond, 31, still cringes when she looks at her 10-year-old DMV photo.

“I literally just rolled out of bed and went and got my picture taken and didn't realize that years later, it would be the same picture,” she told Inside Edition. 

Before taking a new photo, Diamond enlisted the help of Giovanni Vaccaro, the creative director of on-demand beauty service Glamsquad, and Kelli Bartlett, its director of artistry.

Glamsquad has been offering a helping hand — and in some cases, a curling iron — to help out those who can't bear the sight of their own IDs, the New York Post reported last month.

“I wanna feel beautiful,” she told the team. 

She's not alone, as Khloe Kardashian, once made sure she looked gorgeous for her driver's license photo. 

“At the DMV, really all of the odds are stacked against you," Bartlett told Inside Edition. "You don't have a photographer; you have a backdrop that isn't necessarily suited for your skin tone, so you wanna set yourself up for success." 

After some primping and makeup application, Diamond was ready for her close-up. She said she felt beautiful and had a new driver’s license photo to prove it.