Woman's Tinder Profile Selfie Criticized Over Toilet Paper Orientation

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This woman’s Tinder profile is drawing much attention, but not for the reasons you think.

Hana Michels, 30, posted a funny bathroom selfie as the first photo on her Tinder profile, featuring her in a towel and a shower cap with an electric toothbrush in her mouth.

But drawing a fair amount of attention was her toilet paper roll, a minor detail in the background, which was oriented the "wrong" way.

"Deal breaker for sure," one Reditter said.

Another commented, "I have that premium. I’d swipe left. Redo, and then swipe left again. Never trust a girl that has her toilet paper like that."

Michels took the criticism in stride. In fact, she posted her own photo to r/Tinder with the caption, "This is my tinder profile.  I’ve had it for a year. 23 men have contacted me to say I’m incorrect about toilet paper."

Michels says the situation has been quite the learning experience.

“The thing I found out about this is that a lot of people have a really strong preference," Michels said in an interview with InsideEdition.com. "As long as it made it onto the roll, then I'm happy."

Michels, who writes satire for a living, explained that the Tinder profile was a joke account.

“I get more super likes with the weird one, but I go on much fewer actual dates," Michels said. "The way toilet paper is installed apparently tells people a lot about their potential mates."

Although she doesn't take the criticism personally, "I do zero in on little things now and I’m really self-conscious when I put toilet paper on the roll now."


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