Would You Pay $75 for Coffee? World's Most Expensive Cup of Joe Can Be Bought in California

A stock image of coffee beans is seen here.
iStock/Oleksii Chebonenko

How much would you pay for a top-notch cup of joe?

Klatch Coffee Roasters, which has locations throughout California, this weekend began serving up coffee made from Elida Natural Geisha beans bought in Panama.

The coffee beans, which were sold at a world-record price of $803 a pound, won first place in the Best of Panama coffee competition, according to the company, which has obtained 10 pounds of the beans

A single cup made from the beans is going to set you back $75. 

But customers aren't convinced. 

“I will definitely pay a premium, but $75 — probably not going to be happening for one cup,” Kevin Gandy told KCBS-TV.

You can purchase the rare brew at various Klatch shops in California.


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