You Can Buy a Cabin on Amazon for $30K

wood cabin
The Allwood Getaway 2 can be purchased on Amazon for $29,995.Amazon

A few clicks on Amazon and your new home appears right at your doorstep.

You can now buy an entire cabin on Amazon.

For $29,995, the Allwood Getaway 2 features a 190-square-foot living room, an 83-square-foot bedroom, and a 64-square-foot bedroom, for a total of 337 square feet of living space. The cabin also has a 149-square-foot loft above the ground floor.

This Norway spruce log cabin has 2-3/4-inch thick walls, 1-1/8-inch thick floorboards, and pressure-treated floor joists for durability.

The first floor offers nearly eight feet of standing height from the floor to the ceiling. The loft only has about four feet of standing room, which could be used for storage or whatever creative idea you come up with.

According to the product’s description, Getaway 2 is large enough to function as a summer house, home office, or stand-alone retail building. The description also says this cabin can be converted to a primary residence by adding utility hookups. 

This log cabin kit comes with everything you’ll need to get it built and requires minimal tools. The foundation materials and final roof covering materials such as shingles, tile, and metal, have to be purchased separately.

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