You're Eating That Wrong! Simple Hacks to Make Mealtimes Easier

Eating corn doesn't have to be messy and peeling an orange can be easy.

Inside Edition has tips on how to make eating certain foods easier.

Some people eat corn on the cob by cutting the sides off and creating a mess, but tastemaker Alejandra Ramos showed that there is a better way. 

She said to take a bundt pan, place the skinnier side of the corn in the center hole of the pan and then cut around it. 

Instead of squeezing a lemon to get all of the juice out, Ramos said to take a pair of tongs, apply it to the center of a cut lemon and press. You will maximize the amount of juice coming out. 

When most people make a sandwich, they just throw everything on the bread and then indulge. Ramos recommended that if you cut the pieces of cheese or cold cuts to fit the bread, you will not have any excess making it a perfect square sandwich

Mangoes can be super hard to cut and a pain to peel, but Ramos has a trick to make it easier. She said that after you cut the mango, take a cup and push it into the flesh; it will get much of the fruit out and avoid a major mess. 

Oranges are always difficult to peel, but if you toss the fruit in the freezer for a few minutes, the cold will make it easier to remove the skin. 

Finally, warm weather is just around the corner and there's a simple way of making your own ice cream sandwich. Ramos said to take a pint of ice cream and cut by the cap, place the amount from the cap onto a cookie and enjoy.