YouTuber Dubs Oscar Best Picture ‘Parasite’ Into English so Sister Will Watch 

"Parasite" movie poster.
NEON Films

An Australian man determined to get his sister to watch this year’s Best Picture Oscar winner “Parasite," has accomplished his feat, but only after going to impressive lengths to seal the deal. 

The South Korean suspense film was universally hailed when it was released in 2019 and became the big winner at this year’s Oscars ceremony. YouTuber, Oscar Cousins, who goes by OggyOgga on YouTube, wanted his sister to watch the film, so he enlisted some friends and dubbed it to English.

In a video posted July 1, he explained that his sister was watching a Korean TV show with “the worst dub I’ve ever heard” and wanted to fix that when it came time for her to watch “Parasite.”

It took him seven months to finish dubbing and editing Boon Jong-Ho’s epic film into English.

“On some days it was real gruelling, on others it was more fun. I had to chop up my family and friends' vocals a lot to try to make them fit the lip sync, and that took forever and got boring fast,” Cousins told NME.

But it was worth it, as he said his sister “loved it."

“I was glad to see her end up being invested in the great story and visuals of the film, despite the stupid stuff I did to it. It was a weird way to watch the film and definitely not the most ideal. I knew it’d end up bad but I’m glad it wasn’t too bad that she could still appreciate parts the film,” he told NME.


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