YouTuber Jeffree Star Has to Wear a Back Brace Following Car Accident In Wyoming

He and best friend Daniel Silva were driving when their Rolls Royce hit black ice and flipped over.

YouTuber and makeup artist Jeffree Star is lucky to be alive. He and his best friend Daniel Silva were in Wyoming when their car hit black ice and flipped over. Star credits his car and says the reinforced steel of the Rolls Royce saved his life.

Police confirmed both of them were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash. Afterward, Jeffree and Daniel, who both sustained injuries, were taken to a Casper, Wyoming, hospital.

Since the incident, Star has been released from the hospital with a broken back. He states he will be wearing a brace for a few months. “I hate taking medicine. I hate taking pills, but the pain this morning was the worst I’ve ever felt since the accident,” he said on Instagram.

Silva is still in the hospital for what he calls “internal issues” resulting from colon cancer, for which he’s undergone 37 rounds of chemotherapy. Although it will be a tough road ahead, both are working through their recovery.

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