Kanye Threatens to Sue Bodyguard, Fired for 'Flirting With Kim,' for $30 Million

A legal battle is brewing for the rapper's ex-bodyguard, whom the Kanye camp has accused of violating a confidentiality agreement.

The bodyguard fired by Kanye West for allegedly flirting with Kim Kardashian is claiming that somebody close to the couple has forged his signature on a non-disclosure agreement.

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Steve Stanulis told Inside Edition "This is a classic case of the big bully trying to squash the little guy." 

The former NYPD officer was fired May 2 before the Met Gala in New York City.

After he spoke out to the media, the power couple’s lawyers sent him a cease and desist letter that demanded he issue a public apology or face a $30 million lawsuit. The letter came with a copy of a non-disclosure agreement, which prohibits him from talking about his experiences working for Kimye.

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But Stanulis claims the signature on the agreement is not his and he never signed such a document. 

The former cop showed Inside Edition a text he says he received on May 6 from the head of Kanye West's security team that read: "Forgot I need to give you an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)."

A source close to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian tell Inside Edition: "The claim that his signature on the confidentiality agreement is forged is ridiculous and just another desperate attempt by him to escape responsibility for his own wrongful actions. We have witnesses present when his NDA was signed."

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