6-Year-Old Girl From Colorado Pulled From Icy Pond by Hero Neighbor

The neighbor, Dusti Talavera, saw three children on the ice and ran to help them.

It was a race to revive a 6-year-old girl after she fell through an icy pond. First responders in Arapahoe County, Colorado, were able to get her breathing before she was sent to a local hospital. 

But the outcome was made possible by a neighbor who saw three children on the ice and ran to help them, risking her own safety. 

“I was looking out my window and saw the kids fall in,” Dusti Talavera said. “Before I realized it, I was on the pond pulling the two kids out, and that’s when I fell in.”

Officials say the child is expected to survive and are praising this everyday hero for coming to the rescue. 

“We were back at the fire station talking about how brave she was,” firefighter engineer Corey Sutton said. “I thought, I hope if something like that happened to one of my boys, someone like her would be nearby.”

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