99-Year-Old WWII Vet Gets Birthday Party at His Favorite Doughnut Shop

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A 99-year-old World War II vet received a sweet surprise when his family threw him a birthday party at his favorite doughnut shop. 

Thomas House has been visiting the same shop for three decades, so his family thought the West Covina, California, shop would be fitting for an early birthday party.

“As far as I’m concerned 99 [is] just another number,” House told KCBS.

The party doubled as a going away party for House, who is moving to San Diego. The Rainbow Donuts shop owners attended the party also, so they could say goodbye to House.

“After my wife died, Rainbow Donuts became my home,” House said. 

He’s been present in the shop so much that his photo was hung on the wall — a picture of him sitting in his regular chair inside the shop. 

Although he’s moving, House promises he will return. 

“Hopefully everyone remembers what I said last year. If I live to be 100, everyone gets free coffee and doughnuts,” House said. 


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