Accused Rapist, Acting As Own Attorney, Permitted to Cross-Examine His Alleged Victim at Trial

In 2017, Trevor Summers allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted his ex-wife, who had recently separated from him. After firing his own attorney, he was allowed to cross-examine his alleged victim on the stand.

An accused rapist acting as his own attorney was permitted to cross examine his alleged victim on the stand at his trial in Florida.

Trevor Summers, 45, allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted his estranged wife, Alisa, in 2017. Prosecutors say he held Alisa hostage in Tampa for two days before she was rescued.

After firing his lawyer, Trevor Summers insisted on representing himself in court, which led to a harrowing scene as Alisa was repeatedly questioned on the stand by her alleged rapist.

“Did I threaten you or force you to have sex with me?” Trevor Summers asked.

“My answer is, ‘Yes, you forced me to have sex with you,’” Alisa responded. 

“Did I threaten you to have sex?” Trevor asked.

“You broke into my home in the middle of the night when I was sleeping, attacked me and tied me up. I take that as, yes, you threatened me to have sex with you. Yes,” Alisa said.

“Did I hold you down?” Trevor asked. 

“You did hold me down. You did tie me up, you did attack me and you did break into my home when I was sleeping. You raped me,” Alisa said. 

“So you're calling it rape?” Trevor asked.

“It is. That is the definition of rape, to come into someone's home and attack them and tie them up and then have sex with them — that is the definition of rape,” Alisa said. 

The courtroom exchange is causing outrage. 

“He is basically re-victimizing the victim. He wanted to intimidate his ex-wife,” Law & Crime host Terri Austin said. “He knew if he stood up there and questioned her, it would be very difficult. And in fact, I think it was difficult, although she held her own. I was actually surprised that the judge allowed it.”

Trevor Summers is also accused of attempted murder and kidnapping. Alisa was rescued after a stranger saw her trying to escape.

“Some chick just ran out of a dude's car. Looks like her hands were tied and she ran out of the car and screamed, 'Help me!’ and he just grabbed her and put her back in the car,” a 911 caller said.  

Prosecutors claim the couple's separation caused Trevor Summers to snap. 

The ex-couple had five children together. Alisa has since remarried and started a new life.

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