Are Some Driver's Ed Instructors Sexually Assaulting Their Young Students?

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Going through driver's ed is a rite of passage for teens looking to get their license. 

But Inside Edition's investigation found instructors all over the country who had been arrested for allegedly indecently or sexually assaulting their young charges. 

Francis Lane, 76, is charged with indecent assault and battery of three teen girls while working as a driver's ed instructor in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Investigators say that he touched the girls' thighs and breasts during private one-on-one lessons.

Lane had no comment when Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero found him and asked about the allegations. He has pleaded not guilty and was reportedly fired from the driving school he worked for. 

Despite the allegations, Inside Edition found Lane is still driving around in a car marked student driver. 

And Lane is not alone ⁠— others have been busted for alleged inappropriate touching as well. Tune in to Inside Edition for the full report.


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