Arkansas Man Unleashes Barrage of Gunfire at Deputy During Traffic Stop

Video shows Luis Cobos-Cenobio open his door and open fire at Cpl. Brett Thompson.

Dashcam video captured the moment a man opened fire on Arkansas officers during a traffic stop. 

Luis Cobos-Cenobio, 29, was pulled over in Tontitown by Cpl. Brett Thompson with the Washington County Sheriff's Office on Sunday for a traffic violation. Video shows Cobos-Cenobio open his door and unleash a barrage of gunfire at Thompson.

Thompson fires back, and Cobos-Cenobio gets back in the car and drives off, video shows. 

"I need units now!" Thompson can be heard saying. "He's fleeing."

Bizarrely, video shows Cobos-Cenobio stop his car and let out his girlfriend, who puts her hands up and approaches the deputy cautiously.

Cobos-Cenobio was later arrested and jailed on four counts of attempted capital murder, fleeing police and more.