Atlanta Community Desperate to Find Caitlin Winchester, Who's Been Missing Since 1st Day of High School

Caitlin Winchester, 14, is a student at North Atlanta High School in Georgia. She was photographed leaving the school, but she did not get on her assigned bus. She has not been seen since.

Angela and Roger Winchester just want their teenage daughter home.

Caitlin Winchester, 14, went to her first day at North Atlanta High School with excitement, but her parents say she never returned.

“Our child is a straight-A student, and she was so excited to start her French 3 class,” Angela Winchester, Caitlin’s mother, said.

“She knows she’s loved, and she belongs home.”

Family and friends have canvassed the area with fliers hoping someone has seen Caitlin.

There is video of her entering school that day and a picture showing Caitlin leaving the building. Her parents say she did not get on her assigned school bus. No one has seen or heard from her since.

“I’ve been calling her number all through the night, all through the morning, and I haven’t been able to reach her,” Angela Winchester said. “And it just clicks. It doesn’t even ring anymore.”

For multiple law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, the hunt to find Caitlin Winchester continues. 

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