Cops Respond to Noise Complaint at Graduation Party, Celebrate With Partygoers Instead

“Let’s go see the band,” one officer insisted.

These Texas cops showed up to a raging party ⁠— not to shut it down but to wish the teen a happy graduation.

Three Carrollton police officers received a noise complaint to a home, but decided to leave the situation alone when they found out it was homeowner Luis Diaz’s daughter’s graduation.

The trio was just about to leave when a partygoer invited them in and insisted they grab a plate.

“Let’s go see the band,” one officer said before the three of them were pulled into several minutes of twirling on the dance floor and jiving with the recent graduate and her friend.

Diaz later posted to Facebook: “I am very grateful with these great officers for allowing me to continue with my daughter graduation party last Saturday Thank you so much.”