Couple Who Met at Hospital as Kids Are Now Married With a Daughter

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A recently married couple's love story started more than 20 years ago and under less than happy circumstances. 

Emily and Cameron Kohlman met as children when they were both miles away from their hometowns, getting surgery for the same condition at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. 

"I was born with a rare birth defect called bladder exstrophy and that has made me a lot of who I am today and definitely has changed my life for the better," Emily told the British news agency SWNS. 

Doctors thought both of them should heal together after going through bladder neck reconstruction. 

"We became quick friends and we were both confined to wagons the whole time, for the majority of time we were there recovering from the surgery," Emily said. 

Emily and Cameron recovered from their surgeries and went back home. But they kept in touch and reconnected as adults. 

In November 2012, Cameron proposed and three years later they were married. Today, they live in Ohio with their 2-year-old daughter Everleigh Grace.

They say they owe their beautiful life to the surprising circumstances that brought them together. 


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