Do Melania and Ivanka Trump Get Along?

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A moment from last night's convention between First Lady Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump is making waves on social media.

A moment from Thursday's convention between First Lady Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump is making waves on social media. Melania was standing next to the President, and as Ivanka Trump passed by, the two women smiled at each other. But as soon as Ivanka walked away, Melania's expression seemed to turn frosty.

"That face, it's hard to read anything other than what it was," Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan told Inside Edition.

Some commentators say the exchange is symbolic of the tense relationship between the first lady and the first daughter. And next week a new tell-all book by Melania Trump's former best friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff is set to be released.

One explosive revelation is the claim that Melania tried to prevent Ivanka from getting too close to Trump when he was being sworn in at his inauguration in 2017. 

“Melania and I launched Operation Block Ivanka to keep her face out of that iconic 'special moment,'" reads an excerpt from the book "Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady" published in New York Magazine. 

"If Ivanka was not on the aisle, her face would be hidden while she was seated. For the standing part, we put Barron between Donald and Melania and made sure that Don Jr. stood next to Melania, not Ivanka," the excerpt continued.

"This just adds to the drama of the Trump family," Jordan told Inside Edition. Her own Melania biography, "The Art of Her Deal" was released earlier this year.

"One of the most remarkable things about Melania is how few friends she has and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was a friend of hers. They had kids in common, they're the same age, they both are into fashion, and so it is significant I think when you have somebody who was in the inner circle talking about her," Jordan said.

In private, Melania reportedly calls Ivanka "the princess." Ivanka supposedly calls her stepmother "the portrait" because she doesn't speak much.