'Extremely Rare' 2-Headed Snake Found in Virginia Backyard

Two-Headed Snake
Virginia Wildlife Management and Control

Two-headed snakes generally do not live very long.

This two-headed snake, recently discovered in a Virginia, will surely make you do a double take.

Photos of the remarkable copperhead snake were shared by Virginia Wildlife Management and Control after it was recovered from a Woodbridge resident’s backyard. 

The discovery of the serpent occurred a week ago and in the time since, the images have gone viral. 

The two-headed snake are “extremely rare,” according to Virginia Wildlife Management and Control. 

The snake was taken to The Wildlife Center of Virginia, where doctors were able to examine the reptile further. 

"It appears as though the left head is more dominant — it's generally more active and responsive to stimulus," the center said in a statement.

The center says they found the snake to have two tracheas, two esophagi and the two heads share one heart and one set of lungs. While the left side is more dominant in motion, the center says that the right side is better suited for eating. 

Two-headed snakes don’t live very long, according to experts. 

The Wildlife Center of Virginia says it will continue monitoring the snake; if it survives, it will likely be placed in an educational facility.