Friend Jumps Out of a Plane For Daredevil Gender Reveal

For his best friend's gender reveal, a man jumps out of a plane in Mexico.

A gender reveal climbed to 10,000 feet when a man jumped out of an airplane to reveal the gender of his best friend's baby.

Dakota Mclearn strapped on a parachute in an elaborate plan to tell the expectant couple whether their baby, due in January, was a boy or a girl.

Mclearn jumped in tandem with girlfriend Carolina Rios, each of them carrying smoke canisters strapped to their legs. 

Soon-to-be parents Kam and Alannah sat on a pristine beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, waiting for the parachute to drift into view.

"I wanted to plan something unique and epic — and the best way to do it was to take to the sky,” said Mclearn.

As Kam and Alannah looked skyward, plumes of pink smoke emerged from the canisters ferried by Mclearn and Rios.

"I was just bawling," said Alannah. "I literally just felt so many emotions when I saw that pink."

Her partner was ecstatic. "I'm so happy," he said. "It is so much more real now."