German Man Breaks Hula-Hooping While Planking Guinness World Record

German IT professional Kai Sandmeyer established the record in June 2021 in Ehingen.

A 30-year-old IT professional has set an unusual Guinness World Record: hula-hooping while in the abdominal plank position.

"The hardest part is the plank. I hardly notice the hula hoop," said Kai Sandmeyer, who established the record in June 2021 in Ehingen. 

Sandermeyer, who set the record for 6.34 minutes, was inspired to try his hand at planking whilst hula-hooping after seeing a video on Facebook from the previous record holder.

To ensure the record breaking count, Sandermeyer had to be filmed planking and hula-hooping from varied angles in a public setting. 

Sandermeyer opted for the gym of a local school, and had two witnesses present. 

The IT professional was intent on proving the legitimacy of his hobby to his friends and family, and trained hard after work, leading to him to double the previous record of 3.14 minutes in July 2021.

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