Goat Smashes Through Woman's Back Door, Naps in Bathroom

A goat smashed through the back door of an ohio home and took a nap in the bathroom.
Getty Images

An Ohio woman got quite the surprise when a goat named Big Boy came crashing through her back sliding glass door and took a cat nap in her bathroom.

A male goat escaped a farm several miles away and took refuge inside the home of Jennifer Keathley on Friday, according to multiple reports. After ramming into the glass door repeatedly, it finally broke into the house. Keathley's surveillance camera caught some of the B&E.

Keathley's 18-year-old son discovered the unwelcome visitor when he returned home from school that day. He found the family dog in the driveway, broken glass all over the floor and a horrid smell in the house.

Police eventually arrived to lure the goat outside, but to no avail. They finally had to grab it by the horns and drag it into a dog cage. 

After posting her plight on Facebook, the animal's owner claimed the goat and took him away. 

Unfortunately, Keathley's insurance company covers damage from bears and deer — but not goats.


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