How to Avoid a Road Pile-Up During Bad Weather

A safety expert has tips for drivers to stay safe in their cars when the road is slick.

A shocking video shows car after car slamming into each other in a massive chain-reaction pile-up.

In total, 47 vehicles were involved in the incident amid wintry weather in Kansas City, Missouri, on Friday, and the aftermath looked like a war zone. A 74-year-old woman was killed in the accident and her husband was critically injured.

Jamon Weaver, who shot the video, was traveling with his girlfriend Taneka Evans when vehicles started colliding.

"The cars kept slamming, slamming, slamming," Weaver said.

"I was really shaken," added Evans, who was behind the wheel. "All I kept seeing was debris from the accident flying up."

So what should you do while driving during whiteout conditions?

Safety expert Pat Daly told Inside Edition that drivers should slow down.

"The thing to remember with winter driving is that people tend to go too fast in a situation they don't realize is dangerous," he said. "So slow down, and if you go to the brakes and you feel the brake pulsing that's ABS — anti-lock braking [system]. Stay with it and it will gradually bring your car to a stop."

He emphasized, "Steering should be slow, acceleration slow and brake slow."

Finally, he added: "The other thing that's important in winter driving is don't slam on the brakes. Be gentle and smooth."