Jayme Closs to Get Own $25,000 Reward After Escaping Kidnapper by Herself

Jayme Closs managed to escape her kidnapper earlier this month.

Jennie-O, a company that sells turkey products, is giving Jayme Closs the $25,000 it originally offered for information leading to her discovery. 

Jayme’s parents, James and Denise Closs, had worked at the company in Wisconsin. Together, Jennie-O and the FBI offered a $50,000 award. On Thursday, Hormel Foods, Jennie-O’s parent company, announced it is giving its share of the reward money to Jayme herself.

The company’s president, Steve Lykken, said in a statement that he hopes a trust fund for the teen’s future can be set up.

“Here in Barron our Jennie-O family is dealing with a very tragic situation. While we are still mourning the loss of longtime family members Jim and Denise, we are so thankful for Jayme's brave escape and that she is back in Barron,” the statement read.

Jayme had been missing for three months after she was kidnapped from her Wisconsin home in October. 

On Jan. 10, she was able to escape her alleged kidnapper, 21-year-old Jake Patterson, and flag down a bystander nearly 70 miles from her home.

Patterson is facing charges of murder for the alleged killing of Jayme’s parents, along with kidnapping and burglary charges. 


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