Massive Bee Swarm Kills 70-Year-Old Texas Man, Injures Wife

Breckenridge Fire Department
Breckenridge Fire Department

Thomas Hicks died after going into cardiac arrest when he was attacked by the bees outside his home.

A 70-year-old Texas man died this week after a massive swarm of bees stung him as he was mowing his lawn. Firefighters were able to save the man's wife who was also attacked by the bees, according to reports.

Thomas Hicks ran inside his home Monday to alert his wife that the killer insects were attacking him, according to KGNS. But the bees had followed him inside.

His wife was taken to a local hospital where she was treated for stings. She returned home on Tuesday.

“He was covered in like. I mean you couldn’t even see his back and his whole head he was just covered in killer bees” his wife, Zoni, told in an interview.

“I had to do CPR until they got here. and when they got here they worked on him for over an hour and they realized that they couldn’t bring him back so I had to let him go."

Breckenridge Fire Department Chief Clavin Chaney speculated that the noise from his lawnmower aggravated the bees.

A local beekeeper came to the scene. He subdued the bees with soap and water and then removed the hives.

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