Missing North Carolina Woman Elizabeth Belcher Found Alive

Elizabeth Belcher

A North Carolina woman who was missing for more than a week has been found and has made contact with her family. 

Elizabeth Swiney Belcher, 34, was last seen at her home on Hat Creek Drive in West Asheville, North Carolina on July 18, according to the Buncombe County Sheriff's Department

Her husband of eight years said he came home from work to find that she was gone but had left without her ID, phone or any of her belongings, WLOS reported. Family members said it was out of character for the mother of six to not be in touch with her loved ones.

"We want her home and want her safe, her kids back in Kentucky are asking where their mother is," Elizabeth Coleman, Belcher's sister, told WLOS. 

Volunteers from Maryland, South Carolina and West Virginia searched for Belcher on Sunday on foot and on horseback. Police announced Monday that Belcher had been found.

"We are happy to report that Elizabeth Belcher has been found and has made contact with her family!" the Buncombe County Sheriff's Department wrote on Facebook. 

Police did not immediately release more details about how or where Belcher was found. 


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