Mom Dances With Ill Son in Case His Wedding Day Never Comes

Samantha Duran’s 2-year-old son Maddox was diagnosed with Spina Bifida in utero.

A Pennsylvania mom set out to have a mother-son dance with her little boy just in case the pair don't get the chance to have one on his wedding day

Samantha Duran’s 2-year-old son Maddox was diagnosed with Spina Bifida in utero and has not had an easy life, already having undergone 16 surgeries in his lifetime.

“He had his first surgery just short of being 24 hours old,” Duran told 

Last year, doctors told the family that there could be a chance that a cyst on Maddox’s spine could herniate and compress his brain stem, which could be fatal. He's also had several scary moments when he stopped breathing at home.

“Naturally we were beside ourselves and we started making all [the] memories that we could,” Duran said. “We have three kids. We were taking them to local places around here. We were going [to] putt putt, we were going go-kart driving, anything that we could just to spend as much time together.”

That’s when Duran said she had the idea to share a wedding dance with her son. 

“What if he doesn’t get to make it to that?’” Duran said she thought. “I will never get my mother-son dance."

She put off doing it until this past Saturday because she struggled with the idea that if she did the dance she was giving up on her son.

“I will never give up hope. I will never stop fighting for him but I also know that time is not guaranteed,” Duran said. 

So this weekend, Samantha got dressed up. Maddox donned a cute little tuxedo, and vest. Duran wore a purple dress and her husband videotaped the pair dancing together to the song “Proud Corazon” from the movie “Coco.” 

Duran said she was overwhelmed during the moment. 

“At the beginning, I was just giving him some kisses on his head,” Duran said. “But about halfway through, I turned my head to the right and that’s when you can see I am trying so hard at that point not to lose it because that’s when it hit me, exactly what we were doing. In my head I knew what we were doing, but that’s when it sank to my heart, what this possibility was, so it was very emotional.”

The mother of three shared the video on Facebook. She said the family has received tons of support they’d never expected. 

She added that she is glad the video is serving as a reminder to others to cherish the time they have.

“I think you should take advantage of every moment you get,” Duran said.