Mom Delivers Baby in Front Seat of Car at Connecticut Hospital Entrance During Blizzard


The first snowstorm of 2021 will go down in the record books as one of the biggest ever. But the family of one newborn baby will remember it for a very different reason than the massive amounts of snow.

Though Kaitlyn and David Vacchina tried really hard, they only had made it to the entrance of Backus Hospital in Norwich, Connecticut by the time baby Molly arrived, so she was born in the front seat.

“I was worried about the cold. I really wanted to get the baby inside as soon as we could, just to make sure she was warm,” Dr. Theresa Adams told Inside Edition.

“They immediately wrapped her in warm blankets and made sure she was nice and warm,” Kaitlyn said.

Within 20 minutes, the parents were upstairs in a warm delivery room snuggling with their precious bundle of joy.


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